Top 5 Best Free Live Sports Streaming Sites of 2021


Sports have always been one of the most entertaining and important aspects of today’s world. There are tons of websites where you can live sports stream because of the pandemic situation. In case you are one such user who is unable to reach out to support your team, you can simply show your love and support by streaming live sports on any one of these websites.

List of Free Sports Streaming Sites

Stream 2 watch:- This is one of the best and most popular streaming sites of the year 2021. This free sports stream website allows you to watch almost all of the sports that you can think of. You can get all of the information about the matches such as sports name, team players, etc.

All of the content available here is in HD. The only downside of this website is that there are a lot of advertisements that can annoy a lot of users.

Here is the URL of this website-

Sport RAR:- This amazing website allows you to stream sports events like Hockey, football, basketball, tennis, baseball, motorsports, golf, etc. the website has a simple and clean user interface which makes it very responsive as well.

The homepage of this website has all of the live streaming sources which makes it easy for you to access. The best part about this is that all of the content on here is free of cost.

Here is the URL of this website-

Watch ESPN:- This is the world-renowned website of sports streaming that is accessed by people all over the globe. The user interface of this website makes it quite easy for people to access the content of their choice.

The best thing about this website is that there are little to no advertisements which make it enjoyable for the users. The website even has an official application in case the user likes to watch the action on the go. Having the application also gives you other options.

Here is the URL of this website-

VIPLeague:- Opposed to what the name suggests, the website is not VIP and is free of cost so you can enjoy the content that is available on this website for free. Sadly, the website has been banned in many regions due to some issues, but you can still access this website by using a suitable VPN.

This is one of the lesser-known websites that allow changing of themes, so if you do not like the user interface, you can simply change it to the theme of your choice. The website offers almost all of the sporting events on here.

Here is the URL of this website-

WizWiz:- Although it may seem like a weird name for a streaming website, it is one of the best online sports streaming sites on the internet. You can even see all of the details of the ongoing sports events on the top of the bar of the homepage of this website.

It is a must-try for those who are in love with sports. The highlight of this website is the old-school user interface of this website that allows the users to navigate through with relative ease.

Here is the URL of this website-

These are some of the best free sports streaming sites that one can access to watch the sports of his or her choice. You can also look for other options that are available on the internet in case you think that the websites listed here are not meant for you.

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