Is Experiential Marketing taking over the Traditional Marketing?

Traditional Marketing VS Experiential Marketing

Experiential Marketing; the client-centric way

Businesses always seek a long-lasting relationship with clients. To forge brighter connections with them, big brands tend to adopt creative advertising campaigns. Since experiential events provide a perceptible and physical interactive involvement, it is going places. Experiential event has become an illustrious way of marketing the brand and connecting with clients. Customers get a tangible involvement with the product or service. Clients are welcome to connect actually with a product or brand and this is the extraordinary feature of this type of marketing. Making a really vital individual experience for your clients has an enduring effect that can be hard to imitate with other advertising channels. Since it’s an era of high competition, it’s harder than ever to stand out enough to be noticed. Keeping in the mind this challenge, brands are going gaga for experiential marketing mode. Vivid, live and paramount physical involvement help convey your message without interruptions.

Traditional Marketing Vs. Experiential Marketing: which one to prefer?

Traditional marketing is all about featuring the benefits of a product or service. It has been about the development and implementation of the feature-benefit approach. With the invention of experiential marketing, the entire scenario got changed. It took over the concept of traditional marketing by formulating an extraordinary approach of physical involvement of customers with the product or service. According to Schmitt, experiential marketing differs from traditional marketing in four major ways. Unlike outmoded marketing, experiential marketing focuses on the customer’s experience. Experiential marketers accept that the most remarkable prospect for impacting a brand is in the post-buy time frame. Experiential marketing sees consumers as emotional creatures, thus giving them an emotional touch about the product or service. Engagement marketing tools are diverse and multifaceted.

Experiential Marketing; bringing life to brands

In this era of high technology, brands are looking for a mode of advertising that outperforms the marketing ways of competitors. That is the reason brands are adopting experiential marketing that centers around getting the purchaser to encounter the brand – and that is Experiential Marketing. An effective way of promotion that connects with the buyer and makes a genuine encounter that will be recalled. Unlike the other modes of advertisements, experiential events click the emotional side of the customers, thus keeping the brand name alive in their minds. As said by Charles Darwin – “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” The takeaway of this quote is that experiential marketing isn’t tied in with making the greatest display or utilizing cutting-edge innovation. It’s tied in with resounding with individuals and individuals can be imaginative. Brands that can develop their impact to suit the fluctuating inclinations of their clients are the ones which will bring home the prize.

Experiential Events; Scope around the Globe

“What really decides consumers to buy or not to buy is the content of your advertising, not its form.” – David Ogilvy.

Since technology is taking over the world, therefore businesses are trying hard to make their presence felt. In an atmosphere where advertising is getting progressively versatile and enhanced to make an effect, we are seeing a shift in the direction of experiential events to stand apart from the rest of the competitors. As said earlier, experiential marketing is going places and the world is getting immersed in this kind of advertisement. Speaking of the industrial countries in the world, Dubai cannot be left behind since it is a business hub. The ultramodern city of Dubai in the UAE, with staggeringly high paces of Internet infiltration, a technically knowledgeable populace and a strong foundation for a business, is an ideal area for the beginning or extension of big brands. With that said, the experiential event agencies in Dubai are making a good business.

Experiential Event Agencies in Dubai:

Looking into the broader picture, the trend is changing dramatically. The world is sick of advertisements. All it wants is engagement. 84% of the people say they don’t like advertising at all.  And that is the reason why experiential event agencies are increasing in number. Speaking of experiential event agencies in Dubai, there are too many to turn to. Brands are expanding very rapidly in Dubai and so is experiential marketing. A vast number of experiential marketing agencies in Dubai tend to offer services like experiential events, digital advertising, handling brand activation and trade fairs. According to research, Dubai has the highest internet penetration and social media usage in the Middle East. With that said, Dubai represents an enormous number of customers that are of interest to the experiential event agencies in Dubai. As the country continues to develop its infrastructure, it attracts folks from around the world. UAE is considered one of the most digitally connected nations in the world. Keeping in mind all these points, experiential event agencies are increasing heavily in number.

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