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Along with the update of Gmail, free CRM promises to implement support for Google Meet.

It became known that Google has decided to change the logo of the mail Gmail. Instead of the old envelope, the company will start using the letter “M” with rounded edges. As such, Google may have chosen to emphasize the introduction of the Google Meet video conferencing option in Gmail, which allows the company to present its product as more than just an email service.

use free CRM

Small startups also took advantage of this news and the trend of new products. So free CRM for Google users announced a new integration with Google Meet on the day of the release of the updated logo.

What is CRM?

CRM system is a centralized software platform for collecting and storing all data about your customers in one place. It’s to help your sales team (or customer service team) stay on top of all customer interactions. 

Top reasons to use free CRM 

  • Keep all customer data in one place 
  • Streamline the work of the sales department
  • Access the information archive
  • Improve the planning and organization of work
  • Get detailed reports 
  • Make the work of the sales department more efficient

Surely you are already familiar with Gmail, but if you have a small business, you might like to integrate your mail with free Friday CRM.

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