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At Las Vegas, we have worked with several victims of fire damage so we are aware of the difficulties you must go through following a fire. Our staff are there to support you throughout the process. A fire remains physically and psychologically exhausting for the victims of such a disaster. It can be overwhelming and difficult to know where to start in the fire and smoke damage renovation process. So here’s a quick summary of the tasks you need to do after a fire.

1: Contact your insurance company: 

Your insurance company will be your partner moving forward; you must therefore be in regular contact with them throughout the cleaning operation. First, it is important to express your immediate needs with your home insurance agent for water pumping services and door and window coverage. Also, it is essential to prepare a list of all the items damaged by the fire as well as the price you paid for them.

2. Find accommodation:

 Even if you have family and friends living nearby, staying with them could place a heavy burden on you and your “host family” and, as a result, poison your relationship. Also, your insurance company should pay for temporary accommodation during the fire damage restoration process. At pinnacle restoration, we’ll work with you and help you to remove fire and smoke and your insurance company to help you find housing during this difficult time.

3. Coming home: 

Do not go home until the fire department allows you to do so. If they have allowed themselves to stop your public services (electricity, aqueduct, etc.), it is because they have a valid reason. So don’t try to turn them on yourself. The soot and water fumes could make you sick, so it’s best to limit inhalation.

4. Restoration and repair:

 Work with your insurance company, contact fire adjusters to help you in the process of restoring and repairing fire damage. These companies make sure that your home is not only cleaned, but also safe to live in after a fire. All in all, you should not attempt to clean walls, furniture, or appliances yourself, as you may do more damage than property to these items and to your health.

Be sure to speak with your insurance company regularly to find out who will pay for these services. Also, keep all your receipts and list of expenses incurred after the fire; most will be reimbursed by your insurance company.

All in all, it is important to find a trustworthy restoration / repair company as they will be responsible for your personal items and your home. Be sure to make a list of your personal belongings of significant sentimental value for them so they can handle them with care.

While restoring fire and smoke damage, you will have to evacuate your property. Your restoration company will give you an estimate of the duration of the work depending on the severity of the damage.

5. Document Replacement: 

During a fire, many of your important documents may have been damaged or lost. It is necessary to replace them as soon as possible. That said, contact your homeowner/mortgage company, credit card companies,pinnacle restoration and government agencies.

If you have recently been the victim of a fire and are looking for accommodation, contact the pinnaclerestorationinc team now . We have the expertise to help you get through this difficult time and will work with your insurance company to ensure your temporary accommodation is as comfortable as possible.

When it comes to devastating events, few things live up to a fire on your property. No matter where or when house fires occur, they have a lot in common. Not only will you be responsible for rebuilding your property, but you will also have to live with the emotional stresses.

The Paul Davis Saguenay Lac-St-Jean response team helps people who are going through such a situation collect the pieces of their lives and clean their offices or homes after a fire or smoke damage.

6: Smoke and fire damage repairs

Fire Damage – Whether it’s the structure of a building or anything inside, a fire destroys virtually everything in its path. Paul Davis professional teams offer a number of post-fire restoration services, including repair and cleaning of contents. That’s not all: we also clean the water accumulated by the firefighters’ watering and offer a mold removal service. Regardless of the damage caused by the fire; our goal is to get the property back in order.

Smoke Damage —The property damage caused by a fire is not limited to what comes in contact with the flames. Smoke can seep into any area of the office or home and cause damage. Smoke is also very harmful to health, as it can cause breathing problems and harmful damage to your lungs. This is why it is essential to immediately repair the damage caused by the smoke. Our technicians specialized in this field are equipped to identify the presence of smoke as well as to eliminate odors and clean the air in this space. Do not delay in repairing the damage caused by the smoke; trust the Paul Davis franchise experts in your area!

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