What To Do Before Taking a Car For an MOT Test?

MOT Test Newbury

The Ministry Of Transport sets the MOT test to assess the vehicle’s condition and ensure that it is in a driveable and safe condition. These tests become mandatory for cars that are more than three years old.

Every part of your car will be tested for proper functioning. If you fail the test, your vehicle will be issued a ‘VT3O’ certificate that states the reason for the failure. You can schedule the retest at your discretion, but ensure that you have rectified the issues stated in the ‘VT3O’ certificate. Without an MOT certificate, your car is not to be driven anywhere, with the exceptions related to MOT tests.

What Are The Components Tested In A MOT Test?

An MOT test Newbury covers every aspect and part of the car that is crucial to make the car safe to drive. You must get your vehicle checked beforehand at a garage to ensure that the components are functioning correctly.

Do’s While Going For An MOT Test

You have to keep in mind that if you fail the MOT test, you cannot drive your car on the road legally. That is why you must take all the necessary precautions. Here are some of the dos for you to follow before taking the car for the test.

Get your car washed. Ensure that there is no dirt on any of the components. The tester can refuse to inspect the vehicle if it is dirty or cluttered.

Ensure checking your car’s electricals like bulbs, wires, etc., before you go for the test.

Check if your horn is working. As the use is minimal these days, this can skip your checklist and can fail.

Don’ts While Going For A MOT Test

Here are some things that you are not supposed to do while going for an MOT test Newbury.

Don’t arrive with an empty tank. Emission tests are an integral part of the test.

Don’t drive around with an expired MOT certificate. It invalidates your insurance and can result in a hefty fine.

Don’t neglect the car after the test. Ensure that it is adequately serviced so that you don’t have to worry about it at the test time.

Don’t forget to set a reminder a month before your MOT is going to expires.

What Are The Steps To Follow For A MOT Test?

You can get your MOT certificate at RAC-approved garages. The government has defined strict guidelines, and the garages have to conduct the test while adhering to those guidelines.

These garages also provide pre-MOT check Newbury, which help you prepare your car for the test. There are council MOT centers that exist for the sole purpose of conducting the MOT tests.

The test’s cost ranges from 29.65 pounds for a motorcycle to 54.85 pounds for an eight-seater car. The fee may vary according to your vehicle’s size, and you can find these costs on the government website. If your car is in proper condition, passing an MOT test shouldn’t be an issue. You can always have a pre-MOT check-up of your car at your nearest garage just to be on the safer side.

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